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Winch housing

This is a project for a double winch housing. This will be mounted on a military vehicle and will be fitted with 2 winches. Each will have a pull strenght of 35 tones. Just to put things in perspective, a winch that you see on an offroad car, can usually pull 2-3 tones, maybe a performent one does 6-7.

Here is a glimpse of the final product:

Winch Preview

Intermediate phases

We've made some picture of the intermediate phases we had the which in so that you can see the complex steps we had to take to make it withstand the required forces:

Winch Progress 1 Winch Progress 2 Winch Progress 3 Winch Progress 4 Winch Progress 5 Winch Progress 6 Winch Progress 7 Winch Progress 8

Welding phase

In the following pictures you can see our welders in action and how massive the assembly is in comparison with them:

Winch Welding 1 Winch Welding 2 Winch Welding 3 Winch Welding 4

Quality assurance

Since we did a solid structure that needed to withstand alot of force, we had to take in account how our strong welds might curve the structure and to be sure we are inside our tolerances we did alot of mesurements:

Winch Welding 1 Winch Welding 2 Winch Welding 3

Final product

After all the above steps we had our final product ready to be shipped:

Winch Ready Winch Ready

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