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Tehnological line parts

Delphi tehnological line

We helped out at the creation of a technological line for Delphi by providing mounts that will be used along the line. For the finishing coat, client requested a galvanize approach, and we consider it a wise idea, as you will see too.

In the next photos you can see some of our parts, they cover sensors mounts, band tensioners even motor mounts but we did many more.

Delphi TOL General Delphi TOL 2 Delphi TOL 3 Delphi TOL 4 Delphi TOL 1

Airbag tehnological line

In parallel with the above project, we worked for another technologial line, this time for an airbag one. For this one we cover similar parts, but this time we went with a painted finish:

Air TOL 4 Air TOL 5 Air TOL 6 Air TOL 8 Air TOL 9 Air TOL 10 Air TOL 11 Air TOL 12 Air TOL 13 Air TOL 14 Air TOL 1 Air TOL 2 Air TOL 7

What is more interesting, for this project, is that we created a mount for a sewing machine, a Juki model. It's a big one that needs to be suspended over the rolling table:

Air TOL 3

Hope you liked what you seen here. Stay tuned because we will drop more projects!

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